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"How To Train Your (Pug) Dragon." 


"How To Train Your (Pug) Dragon." 

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Sometimes wolves need hugs too


Sometimes wolves need hugs too

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Possibly the youngest galaxy ever seen, an irregular dwarf galaxy about 45 million light-years away is seen in this image from NASA. 

Credits: NASA/ESA/A

text from Neurons Want food

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there’s this one girl at school who sends a mass text to the whole year group whenever she sees a dog so that we can go pat it too if we’re nearby and I have petted at least five dogs because of her that I wouldn’t have otherwise and idk I hope you all have someone like her in your lives

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QUEER, ILL, & OKAY, a performance series exploring the intersection of queerness and chronic illness will take place on July 5th & 6th at DfbrL8r, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are into the second week of our Kickstarter to raise completion funds, which among other costs like venue fees and tech professionals, will ensure our artists get paid. Artists like those below and artists like those yet to be announced. 

Show support, share the love today:

Photographed by IAMKIAM Studios

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true story

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I know that my attachment to science fiction literature has shaped my worldview in a major way. Science fiction literature invites us to contemplate what I believe are 2 of the most important words in combination, in language: What. If.
It is in the exploration of that question - what if- that all things in this realm become possible. That’s what science fiction literature has brought into my life. I cut my teeth on Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein, and I simply love the genre. As an adult, my favorite science fiction author has become Octavia Butler. If you haven’t read her yet, RUN and pick up her books. Also, there’s a series of anthologies that come out once a year of science fiction shorts, they’re called The Year’s Best Science Fiction series. There are some thirty or more of them, all compiled and edited by Gardner Dozois. I love these, they are staples for my bedtime reading. They are amazing, they really are amazing.


Pitbull and baby pitbull

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cows: look at this tiny cow is he okay?

dog: these big dogs are pretty cool

Kelpup goes to Thunder Bluff

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Riley & cooper wearing their new bandanas.


Axolotls have the unique ability to regenerate most body parts. In a period of months, they can grow entire new limbs and even portions of the brain and spine.

they also have the ability to make cute little smiley faces and be completely adorable

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